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Big Little Tonic

Drum and Synth Samples


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Big Little Tonic

Audio examples

It’s not a small calculator, it’s a huge drum machine! The PO32 is the amazing collaboration between Teenage Engineering and Sonic Charge. A hardware drum machine that, when paired with it’s older brother the legendary software MicroTonic, can create almost unlimited drum sounds. Once loaded on the PO32 these sounds are raw, punchy and have a unique character all their own!

At first I was developing a sample pack based on a collection of mini hardware drum machines. However it soon became apparent that the PO32 deserved it’s own pack!

Product details

775 x 24 bit wav samples including drums, FX and even a few synth and bass sounds. All recorded through various studio hardware in the Goldbaby studio: UBK Fatso, ez1073-500 Pre & EQ, Fat Bustard II Valve mixer, Elektron Analog Heat, Strymon Deco, EM-PEQ Pultec style EQ. I even recorded a few of the sounds directly from the tiny PO32 speaker.


Released: 2018-09-05
Version: 1.0.0