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Analog Drum Samples


  • • 352 WAV Drum Samples
  • • 12 Kong Kit Presets
  • • 5 Combinator FX Patches

Audio examples

‘Bulb - Analog Drum Samples’ from ModeAudio is a beacon of percussive inspiration, delivering 352 white-hot royalty-free drum samples to illuminate your beats long into the night!

The drum sounds included in this extensive collection sizzle with the warmth, crunch and saturation of vintage drum machines and hardware, lovingly fused with extra layers of grit and dirt to ramp up their classic character.

Collecting a rich and diverse range of vibrant drum flavours, this library spans deep, resonant kicks, snappy snares, shimmering hi hats, punchy percussion, splashing cymbals, shimmering shakers and far beyond.

Suitable for a wide variety of genres, whether you’re producing floor-shaking House and Techno or laid-back Hip Hop and R&B, we’ve stacked more than enough sonic fuel to power your productions around the world!

As well as the core WAV samples, we’ve also included 12 ready-to-go drum kit sampler patches for your DAW of choice, allowing you to get cooking with your next glowing rhythm straight after download.

Finishing off the pack are 5 custom channel strip patches, providing exciting processing options to bring some extra flair to your grooves.

Switch on and light up your next track with your own percussive powerstation - stop fumbling in the dark and download ‘Bulb - Analog Drum Samples’ now!