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Cosmic House and Techno

Loops & Samples

Undrgrnd Sounds

Audio examples

Deep, driving and mind-expansive house and techno from across the electronic spectrum. A cross-pollination of emotive synth-scapes and 303 riffs, 909 beats and classic FM-synthesis. Taking inspiration from the whimsical (yet deadly) house-hybrids of Bicep, Palms Trax and Mano Le Tough, prepare to be transported to a trippy future of electronic music.

In one of our biggest collections ever we present a sonic smorgasbord of deep-house, acid and far-out electronica in over 1.3GB+ of audio loops, samples and one-shots. Every possible angle of production has been covered in a wealth of FX, bass instruments, textures and one-shot chords accompanying top-of-the line audio loops and samples.