Dark Mass
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Dark Mass

Ambient Drone Samples


Audio examples

‘Dark Mass - Ambient Drone Samples’ surges forth from the ModeAudio studio, enveloping all it touches in quietly undulating intensity, sweeping through the landscape of your music with 706MB of caustic drones and meditative textures.

Featuring a full palette of 200 delicately crafted atmospheric samples, this royalty-free audio collection provides a diverse set of rich, immersive textures that will add a depth of emotion to any session you care to place them in.

At the heart of the library are 125 ambiance and drone sounds, each one a careful blend of organic, orchestral resonances and brooding, electronic whispers.

Completing the selection are 25 skittering, granular textures that fizzle and pop in dense clouds of sound, along with 50 oceanic sub basses that plume from the speakers and shake the earth beneath your very feet.

The pack is divided into 50 sets, with each group of sounds meticulously designed to sit together as coherent layers - but that’s not to say you can’t concoct your own creative blends should you choose to, mixing and matching from across the range to fully explore their sonic potential.

Introduce some cinematic scope into your next production - download ‘Dark Mass - Ambient Drone Samples’ today!