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Deconstructed Club Music
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Deconstructed Club Music

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Deconstructed club-culture from the cutting-edge of electronic music.

Inspired by the multi-faceted sound of labels like Hyperdub, Warp and Mute Records expect a kaleidoscopic audio sample collection of genres touching on elements of Breaks, Jungle, Footwork and PC Music.

Created using a hybrid set-up that combines real-time audio coding, obscure modular set-ups, gender-politics and choice analogue sequencing options, this evolving cast of equipment was instrumental in re-creating 100% authentic loops and sounds made to bang in this unstoppable emerging genre.

Breaks > Retro-future chop ’n’ screwed breaks warped to oblivion and back again. 73 busy-break loops inspired by industry staples and complex drum-programming strategies.

Drum Loops > 98 off-the-walls beats. Expect to find driving and non-binary drum grooves from another dimension! All served with all constituent stems at 160bpm.

Bass Loops > Dubby subs, FM-inspired monophonic riffs and classic hoovers tailor-made for space and impact in non-linear club tracks.

Synth Loops > Cosmic chord-shapes, grime-referencing riffs, aggressive modular licks and granular beds from contemporary software and ancient hardware. Served with key / tempo labelling at 160bpm.

Vocal Loops > Warped vocal and heartfelt soprano phrases put through the 21st-century vocal mangling machine.

Synth Shots > Select synth-sounds ideal as sampler instruments referencing everything from the golden era of Pirate Radio to BBQ dance-offs in the suburbs of Chicago.

Drum Hits > Crispy claps, crunchy snares, pummelling kicks, hissing hats and more - all heavily processed and crafted from custom modular units. Served with 3 custom kits and sampler formats.