EP - Europa Pluck
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EP - Europa Pluck

Patches for Europa

Navi Retlav Studio

  • • 64 Main multi-layer lead patches
  • • 192 Bonus solo-element lead patches
  • • EDM and cinematic sound experience

Take a look at our new and beautiful collection of pluck patches for Propellerhead’s Europa synthesizer. Designed with a vast selection of hyper-responsive exciters and resonators to give you the wondrous mystifying sound of cinematic fm bells, atmospheric picked guitars, resonating strikes, metallic tuned-drums and EDM plucks. To make them; we used an entire set of physical-modelling, karplus-strong string synthesis, frequency-modulation and classical synthesis tricks. All of these sounds have been created to elevate your production to the next level, including 64 multi-layered and 192 solo-element patches. Hit them hard and they will resonate with you in a perfect harmony.