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EP - Europa Poly
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EP - Europa Poly

Patches for Europa

Navi Retlav Studio

  • • 64 Main multi-layer poly patches
  • • 192 Bonus solo-element poly patches
  • • Analog and Modern-style sounds

This is the last part of our five-piece puzzle for Propellerhead’s Europa synthesizer. A final assortment of glorious poly’s, retro-styled organs, classic keys, airy flutes and modern sustained sounds. As is usual with all of our products, each patch from this pack has a rich tone and responds dynamically to velocity and mod-wheel modulation. The most unique part of this collection, is the deep use of all Europa’s sound-sculpting tricks that are not common in any other instruments, currently. Many of these patches are uniquely based on karplus strong-string synthesis, phase-modulation, formant-shifting, harmonic-stretching, unison-detuning, and notch-filtering, mixed with a bit of noise-modulation for an authentic retro feel. This was more than enough to produce an amazing set of 64 multi-layered and 192 solo-elements; which can be easily used for a professional movie score all the way up to a club banger. There’s no reason to hold yourself back, release the beast!