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Epic Cinematic Slams

Epic Cinematic Slams

New Loops

  • • 175 patches for Reason Mimic
  • • 175 custom Combinator patches
  • • slams, impacts, rumbles, and booms

New Loops presents Epic Cinematic Slams – 175 cinematic impact sound effects. You’ll find a wide range of transition impacts including huge cinematic slams, deep booms and rumbles, distorted impacts, and loads more. We’ve organised these sound effects into seven folders: Cinematic Slams, Deep Impacts, Distortion Impacts, Glitch Impacts, Hit Impacts, Pitched Impacts, and Tremolo Impacts.

Epic Cinematic Slams is suitable for many genres of electronic music including ambient, cinematic soundtrack and film scores, electronica, atmospheres and soundscapes, game music, and also useful for many dance genres including, trap, future bass, house, drum and bass, trance, techno, dubstep and more.

In this Reason ReFill, you’ll find 175 patches for Reason Studios’ Mimic and 175 custom Combinator patches that allow you to play the sounds across the keyboard. We’ve added controls for the filters, Audiomatic, reverb, and more.

Requires Reason 12 with MIMIC sampler. ReFill Size: 148 MB