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Sampled synth

PinkNoise Studio

  • • Over 600 patches–for instant inspiration
  • • Based on the sounds of KAWAI K4 synthesizer
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Audio examples

EPIK4 is a synth refill based on the sounds of KAWAI K4 synthesizer from 1989. It gives you the fuzzy but still warm sounds of the 90s – with a modern twist.

The K4 we used was only a raw material: the recorded samples were the starting points. We have exploited the specific features of REASON and created a vivid, live sounding library.

Most of the patches are velocity sensitive and have been designed to live performers, so a good remote compatible midi keyboard (with modwheel, control knobs and aftertouch) is highly recommended.

Product details


  • K4 Combinator bank: 128 patches (for instant inspiration)
  • K4 NN-XT Bank: 288 patches (for everyday use)
  • K4 NN-19 Bank: 226 patches
  • Rex Loops: 14 Octo Rex sets & 112 rx2 melodic loops (for KLP)
  • Samples: 1138 wav files in 24 bit resolution (1.3 GB in total)
Categories in NN-XT bank:
  • [All Layers]
  • K4 Arp & Short Key
  • K4 Atmosphere & Pad
  • K4 Bass [poly]
  • K4 Experimental & FX
  • K4 Key & PolySynth
  • K4 Lead [poly]
  • K4 Monosynth
  • String & Orchestral
Categories in Combinator bank:
  • K4 Arp & Rhythmic Sequence
  • K4 Atmosphere & Pad
  • K4 Bass
  • K4 Experimental & FX
  • K4 Key & PolySynth
  • K4 Lead
  • K4 String & Orchestral
  • templates

Extensive editing techniques

We used multiple velocity layers, multi-layering, alternate triggering and sample start offset to achieve fat and responsive synth sounds. In general, the modwheel controls the filter modulations and aftertouch adds vibrato effect.


  • EPIK4 requires Reason 6.5 or more recent version.
  • The NN-XT bank will work both in Reason Essential and in the previous versions of Reason, but most of the Combinator patches won't be loaded.


Released: 2016-11-23
Version: 1.0.0