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Europa Neurotika

Patches for Europa

DNA Labs

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Europa Neurotika

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A marriage of futuristic vision and unique urban sound design. Neurotika Refill allows the producer to make a very modern sounding electronic production with the wet touch of DNA’s signature dripping, sizzling and evolving sound design! A few patches included are Ba 8008 Unison Sub, Be Icicle Squares, Ch Ephemeris Choirs, Fx Future Stopper and Ps The Symphonikz.

This refill will definitely inspire creativity in any producer that want modern sounds!

Product details

  • 121 Total Europa Synthesizer Patches
  • 9 Bass
  • 70 Bells
  • 10 Choir
  • 28 Fx
  • 4 Poly Synths
  • Every Sound has Unique Modulation Routing

Please note that this ReFill requires that you have Reason 10 or above.


Released: 2020-02-07
Version: 1.0.0