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Retro Sample Pack

Hurton Audio

  • • 150 Loops
  • • 112 Sampler Patches
  • • 968 24 Bit Wav files

Audio examples

Rewind to the 80s, you come home after biking around your local town, taking your favourite mixtape from your portable Walkman. You run to your room and gaze upon your Lamborghini Countach poster dreaming of the new millennium, before switching on your personal studio: This is Grid Horizon Sound.

Inspired by artists like Mitch Murder, FM Attack and Gunship, GHS01 is packed with nostalgia fueled loops and samples that fuse the new wave with retrowave. Drive through a neon soaked library of drum hits, dream inducing pads and pulsing bass loops beyond the horizon to pure retro bliss.

GHS01 is created with a selection of retro and cutting edge synths and samplers including the Emu Planet Phatt, Emu Orbit V2, Yamaha DD7, Roland TR8, TB3, VT3, JP-08 and System-1m, Korg Microkorg XL+, Alesis ION, Alesis Fusion 8HD, Korg TR, Casio CZ-5000 and effects designed with state of the art hardware and software. This combination allows GHS01 to provide a unique take on synthwave sound design. Take the nostalgia further with valve guitars, cassette noise and vinyl crackle as well as an extensive library of synthesised FX hits. The loops in GHS01 live at three tempos; 95bpm, 110bpm and 122 bpm, with all loops included as REX2 files to provide you with maximum flexibility.