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Combinator 2 Patches

Hurton Audio

  • • 120 Combinator 2 Patches
  • • 103 NNXT Patches
  • • 17 Kong Patches

Audio examples

Requires Reason+ or Reason 12

Smooth early 90s sounds fit for Hip-Hop, 90s Pop and Rock ballads.

The multi-sampled portion of this ReFill features 48 combinator 2 patches. With plenty of 90s PCM pianos, glistening studio strings and deep characterful bass, Rompler 92 is sure to add more flavor to your productions. In addition, GHS12 captures the synth side with dreamy patches like Mystic and rocking patches like Analog Power.

The One Shot portion houses 55 key matched patches. Showcasing the sounds of evolving pads, eastern strings, choirs and tuned percussion. As a bonus we’ve included 16 Transwaves to drop into your favorite wavetable synths, so you can expand on this 90s engine.

A library of over 600 drum hits and 17 purpose built kits influenced by Rap, Rock and Latin music. Utilizing round robins and layering, these kits are designed to expand on the rompler’s original kits whilst preserving the effects engine. The Rap Modern kit brings the best out of the era’s 808 obsession, with the Big Ol Rock kit excelling at dramatic rock ballads.

GHS12 is created by sampling the Ensoniq SQR Plus 32 Voice sound module. The design of the instrument combinator 2 patches reflect the original unit’s aesthetics with the drum combinator 2 patches taking visual inspiration from the unit.

GHS12 Demo Songs are made solely using the GHS12 ReFill.

Multi-sampled patches for the combinator 2, NNXT and WAV files are sampled 4 notes per octave across 5 octaves. All Samples Sampled at 24 bit, 48kHz.