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Combinator 2 Patches

Hurton Audio

  • • 115 Combinator 2 Patches
  • • 100 Mimic Patches
  • • 15 Kong Patches

Audio examples

ReFill Format - Requires Reason+ or Reason 12

Explore late 80s and early 90s Rompler staples with evolving pads, world percussion and cheesy orchestral classics.

The melodic portion of this ReFill features 100 combinator 2 patches containing 100 Mimic patches. Mr Rompler thrives at pads featuring warm pads like the Hot Bath patch to evolving showcases like the 4D pad patch. E-Piano, tines and bells range from classic LA synthesis to suitcase style sounds while the orchestral patches include GM type hits to the expressive, for the early 90s. In addition, GHS18 hosts a wide range of patches from slap bass and rave stabs to electric guitar and brassy poly synths.

A library of over 300 drum hits and 15 purpose built kits. Featuring a wide variety of genres including early 90s house, 70s rock and country. Program beats with worldwide percussion ranging from the weird to the wonderful with kits like Lost World or enjoy the sounds of primitive electronica with plenty of personality like the Daftwerk kit. The Combinator 2 patches expand on the Kong feature set with additional effects, 4-track mixer and demo mode.

GHS18 is created by sampling the Ensoniq MR Rack. The design of the instrument combinator 2 patches reflect the original unit’s aesthetics with the drum combinator 2 patches taking visual inspiration from the unit.

GHS18 Demo Songs are made solely using the GHS18 ReFill with MIDI Sequencing.

All Samples Sampled at 24 bit, 48kHz.