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Hollywood Nexspansion

ReFill for Hydronexius

DNA Labs

Audio examples

Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Hydronexius Rack Extension installed on your system.

The beauty of DNA Lab’s Hydronexius Workstation ROM Rack Extension is dramatically revealed in this stunning orchestral bank containing over 120 patches of professional, industry level, hollywood inspired instruments. This bank not only houses high quality Hydronexius Workstation ROM RE patches & NN-XT patches, but also includes multi-layered Combinator patches with creative Rv7 reverbs, filters, Echo delays, and awe inspiring effects chains to realize the elegance that the Hydronexius Workstation ROM RE can deliver. Each Combinator has a dedicated reverb knob, delay knob, voice 1 level knob, and a voice 2 level knob, as well as reverb, delay, voice 1, voice 2 on/off buttons for easy customization and professional editing capabilities.