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Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack

Patches for VK-2

Mercury Retro Recordings

  • • Raw Analog Character
  • • 92 Unique Patches
  • • Includes 13 Modular Combinators

Audio examples

Packed to the brim with tonal character & Grit, Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack delivers 92 unique patches highlighting the Blamsoft VK-2 Synthesizer’s versatility in sculpting inspiring tones for use in any modern or classic genres.

The Mercury VK-2 Expansion Pack ReFill contains a total of 92 patches including 25 Combinator ensembles 13 of which highlight the VK-2’s modular patching capabilities. This refill provides intriguing sounds that harken back to the days of Large Format Modular Systems, sounds that are loved and revered to this day.