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Morphine 8 Trap Lordz
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Morphine 8 Trap Lordz

Patches for Morphine 8

DNA Labs

  • • 364 Drum 1 Shot Samples
  • • Tuned 808s
  • • 808s With Harmonics

Audio examples

A master collection of trap drums, 808s, and sampled melodies and effects. There are tuned 808 subs, new chest pounding processed trap drum sets, 100% royalty free new trap melodies, modulation controlled hi hat rolls, and tons of industry effects all routed through unique bass saturation chains and mastered limiters with attention to bass translation in all forms of media (phones, laptops, cars, clubs).

These days, you can’t get away with a basic 808 and expect it to sound good on both computer speakers and in a car with subwoofers, let alone a club or even a phone, but with the help of 3rd order harmonics, saturation and distortion equalization, a desired bass pounding effect is achieved without losing or adding any extra low sub frequencies destroying a mix! These principles are utilized and perfected with a soft clipped limiter on a punchy kick harmoniously sharing spectral space with a super saturated tuned 808 sub in this professional level refill!

This is the next level for trap producers… Every Morphine 8 drum set has a dedicated manual hi hat and automated hi hat roll for easy sequencing (no more lighting up tons of little dots). In ever combinator drum set, the roll feature is extended and the modulation wheel controls the speed of the hi hat roll! There are radio high pass effects, mp3 processed effects, soft clipped limiting, muting and leveling parameters also in ever combinator. Every drum set is unique and this will be every trap producer’s secret weapon.