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Noxious Producer ReFill

Patches for Noxious

DNA Labs

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Please note that this ReFill requires that you have the Zvork Noxious Rack Extension installed on your system.

The tremendous potential of Zvork's Noxious Additive Synthesizer Rack Extension is powerfully revealed in this gigantic bank containing over 570 patches of professional, industry level, synthesized 808, instruments, and effects. This bank not only houses high quality Noxious RE patches, but also includes multi-layered Combinator patches with creative RV7000 reverbs, Alligator gated effects, filters, Echo delays and awe inspiring effects chains to realize the true muscle that the Noxious RE can deliver.

Product details

The Noxious Producer Refill has 5 main categorized folders containing Noxious RE patches, Alligator patches, Combinator patches, Echo patches, and Rv7 patches. Each Combinator has ambience, delay, limiter, and filter on/off buttons pre-assigned as well as image, tone, unison, and filter frequency knob controls for easy customization and professional editing capabilities. Every Noxious RE patch and Combinator patch also has unique modulation wheel assignments for further sound modulation!

The Combinator Patches folder contains the following subfolders: Arpeggiated, Bass, Bells, Drumsets, Gated, Leads, Mono Synths, Organs, Pads, Pianos & Keys, Poly Synths, Strings, and Voices &Choirs. The Noxious Patches folder contains the following subfolders: Bass, Bells, Gated, Leads, Mono Synths, NXS-808 Drums, Organs, Pads, Pianos & Keyboards, Plucked, Poly Synths, Strings, Voices & Choirs, and Automation (used for auto panning and moving filtration).

Here are just a few of the included Combinator patches:

Thematic Thunder Strings(Arpeggiated), Pulsar Digi Bass, Hydro Pulse Bells, Cyber Society Drumset, Antimatter Gated Bells, Gliding Delayed Lead, Ymcmb Digi Ghost, Praise Resonance Organ, Hydroglide Lp Pad, Artic Reality Piano , Wobbling Reso Piano, Ice Square Pluck, Molly Slider Synth, Dark Choir Strings, Symphony Strings, Future Urban Choir, Automated Stutter Choir etc.

Here are just a few of the included Noxious RE patches:

X-tra Low Sub Bass, Filtronika Bells, Haunted Trap Bells, Climax Step Gates, Tryptamine (Lead), Hood Whistle, NXS-808 Drums(78 Synthesized drum patches), Space Age Organ, Synthetic Oxy Pad, Vibrant Piano, Sky Filtered Pluck, Poly Oasys Synth, NXS Strings, Warm Lo-Fi Strings, Entity Voice Hit, Gregorian Vox Choir etc.


  • 344 Noxious Rack Extension patches (2 patches for automation and panning)
  • 210 Combinator patches
  • Every patch has unique effects and modulation assigned
  • 9 Unique Alligator patches
  • 8 Unique Echo patches
  • 6 Unique RV7000 patches System Requirements:
  • Propellerhead Reason 7 or later
  • Noxious Rack Extension


Released: 2015-05-25
Version: 1.0.0