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Wavetable Synth

PinkNoise Studio

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ORANGE4 is a wavetable synth refill, based on the sounds of the famous Waldorf MicroWave XTk synthesizer. It combines two methods: the maximal utilization of Reason's internal samplers and the fat sound of the original instrument. The outcome is a very versatile and rich sounding patch collection that beats all electronic music styles from dry electro to dreamlike ambient.

Product details

The German Microwave XTk is a beautiful orange performance synthesizer. The synth engine is relatively the same as the Microwave II and Wave synths that came before it. Digital wavetable synthesis, where each wavetable contains 64 simple waves. The main difference of wavetable synthesis in comparison with other sound generation principles is the facility not only to play one waveform per oscillator, but also to walk through the wavetable via different modulations, and you can create wavetable sweeps. The results can be dramatic - much more so than those any sample playback based system could ever produce!

ORANGE4 is the result of a long evolution, that means many years of work, sound recording, sample editing and patch building.

What's inside?
  • 4306 wav files
  • 170 Combinator patches
  • 81 Kong drum patches
  • 6 Kong kits
  • 898 NN-XT patches
  • 364 NN-19 patches
  • 8 ReDrum kits
  • 70 Dr.Rex loops (for KLP)


Released: 2014-04-29
Version: 1.0.0


PinkNoise Studio