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‘Outrun - Synthwave Loops’ purrs from the ModeAudio studio like a freshly oiled supercar, poised as it waits for the starting gun to unleash 758MB of explosive Synthwave adrenalin across your virtual tracks!

This retro synth powerhouse of a sample pack is built from 199 thundering music loops, 86 drum samples and 123 MIDI loops, precision-tuned to electrify your productions with vintage synth and drum machine euphoria.

We’ve dug deep into our collection of analog goodies to construct this hyperdriven selection of sonic sorcery, blasting layers of retro warmth and irresistibly nostalgic character into each and every neon-bathed sound.

From turbocharged synth leads and thick, oceanic pads, to overheated analog basslines, swirling SFX, face-melting drum grooves and beyond, this collection of 90 - 130 Bpm loops is race-ready and hungry for action inside your DAW.

86 ultra-punchy drum samples, 123 MIDI loops and 78 synth tail samples are the glowing tail-lights finishing off this vintage machine of a sound pack, delivering every detail feature you might need to get cooking your next Retrowave classic in nanoseconds.

Take the wheel and race your next production straight into a dark cyberspace fantasy - grab your keys and download ‘Outrun - Synthwave Loops’ now!