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Punch - Live Hip Hop Drums

Drum Samples & Loops


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Punch - Live Hip Hop Drums

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‘Punch - Live Hip Hop Drums’ from ModeAudio throws you the sticks and seats you behind a glistening new drum kit with 449MB of powerful funk grooves, driving straight rhythms and cinematic cymbal patterns!

Product details

Performed with the natural feel and swagger than only a live drummer can deliver, this library of 303 acoustic drum loops delivers a wealth of 90 BPM rhythmic inspiration. The tight P-Funk of the golden era sits alongside the powerful smack of contemporary Hip Hop in this royalty-free drum library - all infused with the crisp, phat sound of modern recording technology and processing.

From the playful skip of swung hi hats and funky patter of snare ghost notes, to the deep, powerful thud of a 22 inch bass drum and enveloping splash of custom made crash and ride cymbals, this sound collection will have you pushing out the jams from the West to the East coast and back!

The sounds are split between straight, swing, no hat and cymbal grooves, providing a complete set of rhythmic styles and flavours to choose from for your next beat. All but the cymbal grooves folders are further split into dry and room recordings, allowing you to work with a sound ranging from resonant and roomy to maximum impact.

Completing the library are 56 acoustic drum samples, spanning thudding kick drums, snappy snares, tight rims, sweet hi hats and explosive cymbals.

Kick your next Hip Hop production into life with organic, real-world rhythmic spice - download ‘Punch - Live Hip Hop Drums’ today!

Pack Details:
  • 133 Dry Drum Loops (Swing, Straight & No Hat Grooves)
  • 133 Room Drum Loops
  • 37 Cymbal & Drum Loops
  • 56 Acoustic Drum Samples
  • 39 Dr. Octo Rex Patches
  • 4 Combinator Presets
  • 100% Royalty-Free


Released: 2016-07-18
Version: 1.0.0