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Spiderfingers Electro Drums

Drum Patches & Samples

Meeker FX

  • • Fat sampled drum hits and patches
  • • A wide range of drum timbres
  • • Classic reversed drum hits

Audio examples

Spiderfingers Electro Drums contains the drum samples from the Yamaha RS7000 and work well in any style and genres. Now these sounds are available in NN-XTs and Kong devices. 40 Kong Kits are divided into acoustic, brush, rolls, sampled, and synth drum kits with sounds mapped to pads. There are 22 NN-XT samplers focused on the isolated instruments - with all the bass drums on a single instrument (one per key), all snares on an NN-XT, all reverse cymbals on an NN-XT, etc. The combined use of kits and isolated instruments will give you complete control and organization of this library. The tones in here cover a tremendously wide rage from super distorted hard hits, soft ambient hits, vinyl sampled hits, or warm acoustic hits.