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Dark Cinematic Loops


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‘Suspense - Dark Cinematic Loops’ from ModeAudio is a mysterious package sitting by the side of a deserted road. You saw it out the corner of your eye as your drove through the mist and despite a strange sense of foreboding, feel an irresistible pull to open it and discover its secrets.

Tear open the box and you’ll discover 416MB of devilishly analog sonic delights - synth leads, arps, pads, basses and orchestral percussion to be precise, all ready and waiting to be thrown into your next soundtrack project and transfix your audience with waves of tension and mystery!

We’ve dusting off our vintage synth studio and rewatched every beloved VHS in our collection to create this eerie library of avowedly cinematic sonic treats, taking our cues from the history of Horror film scoring from the iconic John Carpenter to Disasterpeace and beyond.

The heart of the collection is comprised of 130 music loops - a deadly mixture of razor-sharp basslines, slashing arps, trigger-happy analog synth leads, hammering drums and percussion, ice-cold pads, haunting synth drones and ghostly SFX.

In addition to the loops, you’ll find a complimentary set of torturous sound design weapons, such as 59 synth tail samples that will pair with your chosen loop and bring it to rest in peace, and 97 key and tempo-labelled MIDI files, offering a lethal dose of inspiration to launch your next project with.

Fuel your next production with adrenalin and take it to a place filled with dark desires and plenty of drama - download ‘Suspense - Dark Cinematic Loops’ to get there today!