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The Mandolin

Sampled Instrument

Sounds And Effects

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The Mandolin

Audio examples

'The Mandolin' from Sounds And Effects brings you the same attention to detail, audio fidelity and responsiveness of 'Pure Acoustic Guitars' in this brand new collection of sampler patches and samples. You'll find several articulations and variations to make your Mandolin performance even more authentic and expressive.

The included presets allow for key switching between virtually any two articulations.

Product details

  • Picked with 4 velocity layers
  • Fingerstyle with two playing styles, each with 5 velocity layers
  • Muted notes; soft and hard
  • Strums at two speeds including hard, soft and low octave strums
  • Tremolo - three speeds
  • Plucked
  • Fret noises and chops

Product Specifications:

  • 24-Bit/44.1kHz fidelity
  • 795 Samples in total
  • 1.05 Gig (un compressed)
  • 44 NN-XT presets
  • 44 Combinator patches
  • Requires Reason 6.5 or higher


Released: 2015-04-30
Version: 1.0.0