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The Wizard II

Ambient soundscapes

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The Wizard II

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The Wizard II ReFill powers your Reason Rack with mind-twisting ambient or electronic tracks. Weird science, textures, drones, and space artifacts. From buzzes and blips to screeches and howls these other-worldly soundscapes energize your palette.

Product details

The Wizard II ReFill of musically useful atmospheric textures and special effects presents a vital tool for TV, Film, Game, and Music Production. Crunchy noises, long atmospheres that build over time, and weird percussion that Doppler pans around your head. This Refill has a full 311 NNXT and 83 Combinator presets! These presets make extensive use of Mod Wheel crossfades to fade from one sound or atmosphere to a similar or even totally different variation.

• Atmospheres • Fright • Tension • Space • Distortion • Digital Soundscapes • Other-worldy Effects • Digital Keys • Weird Percussion •

Expert Sound Designer of 2 decades, Terry Grame is responsible for seminal sound design work on classic synthesizers like Morpheus and Audity 2000. This ReFill showcases techniques like Granular synthesis, comb filtering, convolution and much more. A totally unique ReFill.

File size: 443 Mb

Please note that this ReFill is only available as a downloadable ReFill and only works with Reason version 4 or later.


Released: 2008-09-18
Version: 1.0.0


Sounds And Effects