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Ukulele ReFill

The Ukulele ReFill

Sounds And Effects

  • • Ukulele Solo Notes and Chords
  • • Tenor and Concerto Ukuleles for Reason NNXT

Audio examples

The Ukulele Refill version has been created using the highest quality equipment at 24/48, and contains 1181 multi-velocity samples of two ukuleles, a picked tenor uke and a fingerstyle concerto ukulele.


Solo notes set up both in contiguous fashion, and so that each (keyboard) octave plays one of the four strings.
Up to 6 samples per note from very soft to chunks (thumb mutes)
Each Individual String played up to (at least) the 15the fret
Fret and incidental noises.


Maj <> Min <> 7th <> Maj 7 <> Min 7 <> Dim <> 9th <> Aug

Chords are mapped from C to B, Down Up and Chunk


1.17 Gig / 429 M Compressed
1181 Samples
31 NNXT Presets
31 Combinator Presets