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Vapour - Drum Samples
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Vapour - Drum Samples

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‘Vapour - Drum Samples’ from ModeAudio powers through the murk and mist, sending 340 powerful percussive vibrations spiralling around the darkened dancefloor as the crowd shuffles deep into the night.

This royalty-free choice of 340 carefully crafted and layered drum samples comes steeped in the authentic punch of classic drum machinery, as well as the thick, foggy atmosphere of environmental and industrial field recordings.

Using both deft mixing and our own custom processing patches to fuse two worlds together, this selection of deeply characterful, impactful percussion delivers both the thumping force of our favourite drum machines and the hypnotic ambience of real-world soundscapes.

Dig into the percussive pile to uncover 75 quaking, explosive kicks, 73 cracking snares, 42 stinging claps and 30 bellowing toms, alongside 75 rustling hi hats, 15 crisp rims, 15 rasping shakers and 15 shimmeringly resonant crash samples.

From dusty Deep House and slamming Techno to sprawling Trap, airy Downtempo and beyond, the explosive energy of this library will fuel your creativity across multiple genres and styles.

Completing the pack are 15 pre-mixed and matched Kong kit presets, allowing you to get building your next rhythm moments after download, with 5 Combinator effect patches providing further instant production inspiration.

From the silvery mists of a forest at dawn to the endless rumble of the city’s night-scape, introduce some atmosphere into your next drum pattern - download ‘Vapour - Drum Samples’ now!