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  • • Punchy, distorted, aggressive, modern, old school
  • • Professionally balanced for hard dance genres
  • • Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Extra Raw, Hardcore, Uptempo.

XTRMRAW PRESENTS - the hardiest, production-ready extreme kicks that will take your production to the next level. These kick samples have been professionally balanced for hard genres. Punchy, distorted, aggressive, modern, and old school kick drums directly to your face.

Included are a total of 118 wav files. All sounds are 24 bit/44.1kHz.

This Reason ReFill also includes 4 NN-XT multi-sampled kick patches from E2 to D#3 and 15 combinator patches with external eq, reverb, filters..etc.

These kicks are perfect for any hard dance production: Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Extra Raw, Hardcore, Uptempo. You name it!

  • The most amazing part, you got it all for free!

Sound Design by Vi Ta Lee

Samples - eXclusive - Patches