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Aura-7 Cinematic Atmosphere

Soundscape Generator

SKP Sound Design

  • • Rich & Organic Atmospherics
  • • 115 High-Quality Patches
  • • Minimal HDD Footprint (only 200mb!)

Audio examples

Aura-7 Cinematic Atmosphere is an inspiring new soundscape generator from SKP with a strong focus on mood-setting sound design and fast, no-nonsense workflow. Aura-7 utilises 45 organic waveforms in conjunction with a simple, but powerful synthesis engine allowing the creation of expansive, cinematic soundscapes and film score textures in seconds.

Aura-7 sounds fantastic and ships with a rich palette of 115 high-quality patches by experienced sound designers. From foreboding alien landscapes to the dawn chorus on a spring morning, it’s quick and easy to evoke deep emotions and paint the vivid pictures your music requires. Aura-7 Cinematic Atmosphere is the perfect match for video game work, film soundtracks or any other projects that require deep, emotive atmospherics on demand.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible