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Electrons Synthesizer

Digital Synthesizer


  • • 3 Oscillators with unison and waveform shift
  • • Step Sequencers with drawable displays
  • • Glide Delay function (Automatic Glide)

Audio examples

Embrace the sound of digital with Electrons RE

Electrons RE has 3 oscillators with 25 pairs of selectable waveforms designed to work together. Each waveform can shift in a unique way compared to its pair counterpart to create clean wide stereo sounds without sacrificing key frequencies, or to create entirely new mono waveforms. Another feature included is the Glide Delay. The Glide Delay knob times the interval between playing notes and applies glide automatically, without the need to overlap notes in the sequencer.

Designed with these key features in mind:

  • Waveform pairs specifically suitable for clean stereo sounds.
  • A Unison mode that is easy to use and goes beyond normal detuning.
  • Per note EQ for deep frequency shaping and formant style filtering.
  • Three different modes of Waveshaping, Clip, Sine, Tanh.
  • 16 Step drawable mod Sequencers.
  • Three full Multimode Filters.
  • Matrix with ability to target modulations to different oscillators.
  • Full control over the final output sound image.

Free update 1.0.2

  • 66 new patches.
  • 10 new waveforms.
  • Added Shift Offset as mod destination.
  • Matrix can now target Global, one, or two oscillators at once.
  • Retrig phase on individual oscillators.
  • Added Reverb effect.

update 1.0.5

  • bug fixes.
  • Added Smooth (SMTH) control to Matrix
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible