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FM4 Frequency Modulation Synthesizer

Four Operator FM Synth

Primal Audio I/S

  • • 3 sound engines modelled on 1980s hardware units
  • • 4 operators configurable in 16 different routings
  • • 8 waveforms from classic hardware FM synths

New in version 2.0: Eight new routings / 40 new presets.

FM4 is a four operator FM synthesizer for the Reason rack. Modelled on the first commercially available FM synths from the 1980s FM4 recreates that dirty, lo-fi, cutting sound of the original units. Combined with a carefully thought-out, stripped-down, yet powerfull, user interface, FM4 makes it a breeze to create a multitude of sounds - from punchy basses, crystal-clear bells, and lush pads, to organic textures, striking drums, and piercing leads.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible