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Experimental Delay

Noise Engineering

  • • Program patterns and shapes
  • • Easy-to-use interface yields complex results
  • • Create anything from combs to wild atmospheres

Audio examples

Imitor is a delay designed for customization and experimentation. Multitap delays can be intimidating, so we designed Imitor with powerful user-friendly controls and tap displays that are fun to interact with. Set the pre-delay, pan your taps, warp time, crescendo or decrescendo – the delay section of Imitor has so many options at your fingertips.

Play with the Tap Delay modulation section for a wide range of control: adjust modulation, relative LFO phase, speed, and stereo effect. Finally, the Processing section adds a bit of Noise Engineering flavor. Crank Regen to 11, Shimmer your sound, add some suboctave with Doom, filter your delay with Tone, play with stereo width, or add some not-so-subtle wavefolding.

Imitor excels at long, evolving echos and creating rhythms from a single sound, but it
can also be set to extremely short delay times for comb filtering, flanging, chorus, and more.

Imitor is a delay and echo playground: if you can imagine it, you can create it with Imitor.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible