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Ataraxic Iteritas Vereor

Digital VCO

Noise Engineering

  • • Rack Extension
  • • Low-pass gate/VCA
  • • Envelope

Audio examples

Ataraxic Iteritas Vereor was inspired by our first Eurorack module, the Ataraxic Translatron that was meant to make the classic sounds of video games. We took that concept and expanded it into a fully parameterized synth voice. Sound creation starts with one of three bit tables shaped via variable interpolation that is scrolled through, amplitude modulated, folded, and distorted by the front panel controls, before being further dynamically and harmonically modified by the VCA/LPG and envelope section. Subby basses, metallic drones, unrelentingly digital timbres and more are all to be had from the AI. Guaranteed to make the fax machine jealous.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible