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Jackbox 7R-909 Analog Drum Module

Emulated 909 Sound Mod


Audio examples

Jackbox 7R-909 is an Analog Drum Module, meticulously emulated after the legendary Roland TR-909 Drum machine.

Product details

Jackbox 7R-909 is an Analog Drum Module, meticulously emulated after the legendary Roland TR-909 Drum machine.

Jackbox 7R-909 uses a combination of samples and synthesis -let's say the best of both worlds- to achieve the most authentic results. From the moment you'll start using it, you'll get the feel as if you where working with the real hardware machine!

Where applicable - according to the hardware counterpart, sounds have been carefully tweaked so that, although they may resemble, they are never exactly the same, just as if they where generated with analog circuitry.

Of course Jackbox 7R-909, still retains its personality as a Rack Extension, which means that you should expect it to work fluently within your projects: All parameters are automatable and tuned to according to the original, and of course if you wish so, you can further manipulate them using external devices, since the Jackbox has dedicated CV modulation inputs for all automated parameters.

Gate Ins and Gate Outs are provided to manipulate Jackbox 7R-909, or use the Jackbox 7R-909 to manipulate other machines using cv triggers.

Finally, you can use the Multi Outs at the rear panel of the device, to drive separate sounds out of the device and into Reason's mixer, or any other processing chain. Again the individual outputs follow the original hardware scheme.


  • 11 drum sounds closely emulating the sound palette of the original Roland TR-909

  • Multi Outs: Each sound has it's own dedicated audio output for separate mixing and / or furthrer processing.

  • Hybrid. Sample & Synthesis techniques used to accurately emulate the character of the original hardware. No hit is exactly the same for each sound.

  • Fully automatable! All classic parameters found in the hardware can be automated.

  • Fully modulatable: All paramteres can be modulated from their dedicated CV inputs.

  • Accent Mode: Snaps velocity to either accented or non-accented notes, when enabled.

  • 100 MIDI loops, 10 Combinator Setups, 3 Startup Songs to get you started!

PLEASE NOTE: Jackbox 7R-909 is an Analog Drum Module. Not a complete drum machine

1.0.3 Update

  • Fixed an issue where the device, randomly produced a loud pop sound, when switched inside a Combinator.

1.0.2 Update

  • Fixed a bug in the envelope decay, that under conditions caused some sounds to have shorter and sharper tails (Snare Tone & Clap).
  • Fixed the "bit-crush" noise in Bassdrum.
  • Fixed the Clap sound which was not triggered correctly.
  • Fixed the Attack / Decay CV missmatch.
  • Fixed knob GUI to turn inside the entire available range.



Released: 2019-08-19
Version: 1.0.3