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Map 64

Map 64

Speo Music

  • • Map notes to other notes, chords or even phrases
  • • Map notes to different CV envelopes
  • • Includes a powerful CV programming environment

Unclutter your Sequencer
Sometimes, it is more convenient to store a chord or a lick in the combinator patch that plays it instead of in the sequencer. Map 64 provides the needed abstraction. Chords and phrases are entered in Map 64’s display and can be triggered by incoming notes. Additionally, Map 64’s advanced CV programming capabilities can be used to create and trigger selected CV envelopes.

Create Next Level Jam Setups
Map 64 is designed to work well with controllers which are usually used for triggering samples. By mapping incoming notes to phrases with associated CV automation right in the rack, you no longer need to resample your sounds for jamming.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible