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Frame CV Generator

Frame CV Generator

Speo Music

  • • The power of Sequencer Automation in the Rack
  • • User defined CV curves for 6 independent Mods
  • • Straight-forward yet flexible controls

Ever feel like your Sequencer is being flooded with automation lanes? Ever wish you could take control of movement in your sound while designing it in the Rack? FrameCV lets you control multiple parameters at once along independent curves, reducing sequencer clutter and opening new possibilities in the Rack.

New in FrameCV 1.1

  • Sync mode for cycle Speed
  • Support for triggering cycles with note input
  • Support for scaling CV curves by note velocity
  • Unique Polarity, Invert and Scale settings for each Mod
  • CV inputs for Scale setting for each Mod
  • “Cycle Completed” CV gate output (enables looping, chaining)
  • More CV outputs for each Mod
  • Value Display for accurate feedback when editing curves
  • Smoother curves and more responsive curve editing
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible