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CV Master Controller

Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • 64 scenes, 32 CV ports, 8 pattern device ports
  • • Incredible unparalleled morphing capability!
  • • Ever growing Combi-2 instrument collection

Audio examples

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Really control the rack - with LaunchEon!

Enlightenspeed are proud to release our newest and most powerful Rack Extension yet - LaunchEon, the Master Controller!

LaunchEon is a master control for all your Pattern devices, a morphing control to give insane new levels of sound shaping control, or both, either jointly or seperately.

Pattern control

Designed to work with the Combinator, or multiple Combinators, LaunchEon can control up to 8 modern Player pattern sequencers, and can also switch modes to control classic devices like Redrum and Matrix. This allows up to 64 different pattern combinations which can be painstakingly crafted or just randomised.

The change is delayed by a pre-defined transport synced increment, so they all change at the same time, and the right time.

Unparalleled Morphing Power - Anywhere!

The other half of LaunchEon’s power comes from its morphing capability, which is, as far as we are aware, the most powerful in any plugin format or DAW, anywhere on Earth (as usual we challenge you to tell us otherwise ;) )! Our original plan was to recreate the capabilities of a classic but now defunct VST platform, but this was surpassed by a long way, using CV and the Combinator to create a perfectly “Reason flavoured” version of it.

We have two main modes, the classic Full Morph which gives morphing control over 32 ports with either 4, 16, or 64 scenes; we also have a magnificent new technology called Scene Only, which morphs directly from scene to scene without being influenced by any traversed scene.

Randomise your way to awesome sounds ;)

At Enlightenspeed we are certainly no strangers to randomisation, and it should come as no surprise that LaunchEon already has a powerful suite of tools in this regard. Pattern device numbers can be randomised for single scenes or all scenes, all morphing ports can be randomised for single scenes or all all scenes, or of course you can just go into all mode and randomise everything, by tapping the big yellow button that says “Randomise Everything!”.

LaunchEon Combinator instrument collection

LaunchEon ships with an ever growing set of Combinator instruments. All instruments are designed to retain all functionality when internal patches are changed; if you change an underlying Thor, Europa or Grain patch etc. then you won’t break the instrument functionality. This greatly improves every instrument as it means they are truly expandable.

We start with just 5 cool instruments that will add a lot of sound design power to your rack, and this will grow continuously.

**The initial set of Combinators require R12, because they utilize the Combinator 2.
2 of the initial 5 Combinators also require additional REs:

DC Bells - needs Sweeper
Fidget Drums - needs BV-X and Both Umpf’s

If you’re on R10 or R11, no LaunchEon functionality is lost, it’s still a beast, however none of the Combi patches will work.**

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible