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Scales, Chords & More

Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • No theory required - it's all under the hood.
  • • Fully switchable multi-scale bank.
  • • Chords, Arps, Strums, Ratchets!

1.2 Update!
We have now started the process of turning Agnostik from a fancy Chordbank replacement into a player superpower! This new version adds strum, arp and ratchet/repeater functionality. There are 4 of each type on board and any key can be assigned to them.

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The Chordbank is dead, long live the Agnostik! The Prodigal Chord Player has returned! An Agnostik in the hand is worth two in...... Sorry folks, we really thought these would look better in print than they actually do :(


The long awaited sequel to Chordbank has finally arrived - bigger, better, faster, more!

The ultimate Reason scales and chords experience is back, and it’s more powerful than ever before, featuring complete redesigns of the underlying code, and also the GUI and user experience.

Agnostik has more than double the banks that Chordbank had, as well as those banks being bigger and now featuring probabilities, as well as notes and velocities. The big headline now though is the addition of a huge Chord Preset library, and multiple ways to record.

Included is the Chord Preset recording mode, which is perfect for recording long strings of chord progressions, a scale recorder, and an already large menu of supplementary functions. Also, as with our Inspiral and MeloDramatik plugins, the scales library is now onboard the device rather than available as a set of patches.

The playing style has been simplified, and now all the scales are on the white keys and all the chords are on the black keys - it really couldn’t be easier to play, and your chord presets are available as harmonic intervals meaning you can change scales and those chords will change scales with you. What could be easier?

1.2.3 Update
We have added in 4 arpeggiators, 4 strums, and 4 ratchet/repeaters.
Each key can be assigned to any of the above 12 play modes.
We have autmateable controls for Play Mode parameters.
Big graphics overhaul for the main settings area.

1.1.0 Update
We have added a new chord type - User Interval!
This is the natural progression of having a bank of interval presets because you can often get close but still want something more from the interval or perhaps make a slight alteration. So the obvious evolution of this is to allow the intervals to be customized as well. As well as altering presets this is a great way to build up complex chord structures.

Also included in this update is the ability to select scale presets at random - simply set up the type of randomize you want in the preferences section, and you can also choose how many notes should be in the scale! Ultimately this makes the massive new scales preset bank a lot easier to have fun with.

1.0.3 Update
We have now added a huge selection of scales. We have expanded the set of scales from 32 to 371. As well as adding scales from all over the world including many of the Indian Mela and Ragas, and masses of blues and jazz scales, we have also been very careful to maximise creativity by removing the duplicates - who knew that there are about 10 different names for Dorian?

1.0.1 Update
Added some cool new smaller features that really help with the workflow. You can now use “Select Chord Via MIDI” to update the display while you play.
The “First/All” button sets the output of the chords (globally) to the first note of the preset - this makes composition much easier as you can set the root notes melodically much easier and then make your chord structures from there.
You can also now see the key which is triggering the chord in the Key Display, which helps when you get lost! :D
Fixed a few little bugs that were making preset selection a bit clunky.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible