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Melody Mutation Suite

Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • Realtime melodic manipulator
  • • Includes powerful scale sequencing and filtering
  • • Over 50 algorithms, easy to use, crazy powerful!!!

The ultimate realtime tool for melodic mutation and manipulation.

It's upgrade time and it's a biggie - so big in fact that the name got changed... to something slightly more economical in terms of model paint!

Yes, Melodic Inverter is consigned to the great "Bucket of Fame" here at Enlightenspeed Towers, and has been completely rewritten and redesigned as MeloDramatik!

More importanly though, the feature list has gone through the roof, and MeloDramatik is arguably the most vital Player that you could ever own. Try it now to see why we are confident saying that.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible