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Melody Mutation Suite

Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • Realtime melodic manipulator
  • • Includes powerful scale sequencing and filtering
  • • Over 50 algorithms, easy to use, crazy powerful!!!

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1.2.2 Update
We have now added a huge selection of scales. We have expanded the set of scales from 32 to 371. As well as adding scales from all over the world including many of the Indian Mela and Ragas, and masses of blues and jazz scales, we have also been very careful to maximise creativity by removing the duplicates - who knew that there are about 10 different names for Dorian?

Version 1.2 Update!!!
MeloDramatik has now been given another crucial piece of the algorithmic puzzle - we have added “square root inversion”. What this means is that the difference generated by the algorithm is attenuated by taking its root and rounding it. The result is that the outputs are a lot more restrained than before. Of course, if you want more esoteric results you just leave the function off, simple as that - and we’ve also designed it so that it can be remote targeted.

More than this though, not only have we added it to the standard melodic inversion, it has been added as an option to every algorithm.

The ultimate melodic manipulator
The upgrade from Melodic Inverter was so big that the name got changed… to something slightly more economical in terms of model paint!

Yes, Melodic Inverter is consigned to the great “Bucket of Fame” here at Enlightenspeed Towers, and has been completely rewritten and redesigned as MeloDramatik!

More importanly though, the feature list has gone through the roof, and MeloDramatik is arguably the most vital Player that you could ever own. Try it now to see why we are confident saying that.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible