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Note Humanizer

Note Humanizer

Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • Realtime time humanizing
  • • Probability or parameter controlled
  • • Make drum machine patterns sound real

Video clips

The Loopcracker Suite - Part 4

Note Humanizer is a very simple yet very powerful line processor for incoming MIDI notes. This time around, the focus of the device is on the timings of the events.

If the probability says "yes", then tiny delay amounts are added to the MIDI signal path. This really helps to loosen things up and get a realistic sound. Chords from Chordbank for example, sound less robotic, but the biggest benefit is when passing drum patterns to drum kits etc, making them sound far more realistic.

Particular notes or velocities timing can be randomized all as one or separately as required.

This player is a perfect addition to any big name Player devices such as Propellerhead's Drum Sequencer; but CV inputs allow this powerful process to be added to the Matrix, the RPG-8 and of course, the main sequencer.

Used in conjunction with Note Filter and Note Alter, creating patterns which flow like real musicians and sound professional is now child's play.


Product details

Probability Effectively acts as a dry/wet control, with higher values meaning that more and more get timing variations. Due to delay nature however, you tend to find that maximum chaos is achieved at 50%.

Max Delay The timing of the delay as a maximum.

Release Type Due to being unable to settle an argument over which method worked best, we supplied three different release types - Match, Random and Kill. These deal with what should happen if a note finishes before it starts etc. Please see the user documentation for the full story.

Note Range

  • On/Off - Activates changes to notes.

  • Lower Note - Only notes above this value are affected.

  • Upper Note - Only notes below this value are affected.

  • Invert - Inverts the note range knobs so that values outside of the set range are affected.

Velocity Range All the same controls as the Note Range, but targeting velocities.

CV Connections All of our now standard parameter control set is available for CV changes.

Change Log

1.0.2 - Added labelling to all plugins. Match and Random release types now function as expected again.

1.0.1 - CV Bug Fixes

1.1 - Added new CV Jack for Max Delay value. Back panel redrawn and relabelled.



Released: 2020-01-17
Version: 1.1.0