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The Creator's Spark!

Enlightenspeed Ltd

  • • Inspirational Smart Probability Player
  • • Expand note to chord, strum, arp...
  • • ...the list goes on!

Ever been in that situation where you feel the need to create, but you can’t think what you want the idea to be? A melody comes into your head but it’s too like something else and you just can’t find something fresh?

Would you like a really cool solution?

Step this way!

Inspiral is designed to break songwriters block in a magnificently powerful and yet alarmingly simple way; Under the hood Inspiral is extremely complex but we made your side really easy :D You just tap in a few notes to either a preset scale or one you make yourself, and Inspiral will produce a random output that could be any one of the following:

Single note
Double note (the original plus one random - in scale)
Note Repeat

Alternatively you could just set it so that you only get one type of event, and you flip between the four onboard scale banks.

Perhaps set the scale chromatically and visit Improv City!

The end result is simple - you create new music, and maybe even surprise yourself. Not a bad result for writers block, huh?

If you like generative music, then Inspiral is for you!
If you need creative inspiration, then Inspiral is for you!
If you like weird improvs and experiments, then Inspiral is for you!

New in 1.1!!!

Graphics have been completely reworked, and some new small features are added - Random First and Spread controls for both Single and Dual modes.

  • Random First will make the Single notes, or the first note of the Dual notes random before setting to the scale. This adds a little extra spice to the Single and Dual functions.
  • Spread controls (One for single, One for Dual) - used to control how far these random elements can go - previously this was always locked to one octave each way, but now can be limited.
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible