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AutoLatch MIDI Gate

AutoLatch MIDI Gate

Static Cling

  • • Note Length/Gate Control
  • • Sequenced Gating
  • • Keyboard Latch

V1.1 is here, bringing the new Mono Latch mode! See the video above and updated manual to learn more.

AutoLatch is an easy to use device with a specific and unique purpose: controlling the length of your incoming MIDI Events.

It can be used as a standalone creative tool, but it really shines when paired with other Players, such as my Delta MIDI Computer or any number of awesome devices in your collection.

You can use it to spice up arpeggios, melodies, and chord progressions in subtle or major ways. Coupled with its built in sequencer, AutoLatch brings a new dimension of control to your Player stack.

Read on, and check out the videos and manual to learn more!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible