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AutoLatch MIDI Gate

AutoLatch MIDI Gate

Static Cling

  • • Note Length/Gate Control
  • • Sequenced Gating
  • • Keyboard Latch

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AutoLatch is an easy to use device with a specific and unique purpose: controlling the length of your incoming MIDI Events.

It can be used as a standalone creative tool, but it really shines when paired with other Players, such as my Delta MIDI Computer or any number of awesome devices in your collection.

You can use it to spice up arpeggios, melodies, and chord progressions in subtle or major ways. Coupled with its built in sequencer, AutoLatch brings a new dimension of control to your Player stack.

Read on, and check out the videos and manual to learn more!

Product details

AutoLatch works by processing incoming MIDI On and Off events to alter the length, or gate, of your notes. Since it focuses only on this area of MIDI manipulation, it pairs nicely with other Players, particularly Arpeggiators and Melody generators.

Despite its innocent appearance, AutoLatch specializes in happy accidents and often times creates surprising results that would be difficult to achieve through traditional means.

You can set up to 16 different Latch Buttons within a single instance of AutoLatch, capable of altering gates in the following ways:

  • Tempo Synced Gate Lengths
  • Precise Millisecond Gate Lengths
  • True "Latch" Functionality
  • Pass Thru
  • Mute

There's a toggle for Blocking/Allowing events that would "interrupt" a running Latch. Blocking can completely change how a MIDI sequence plays out in really interesting ways.

Latch Buttons also have Copy/Paste support!

AutoLatch gives you the power to choose between Latch Buttons in the following ways:

  • Manual Click (Pattern Off)
  • Automation (Pattern Off)
  • Pattern Forward
  • Pattern Backward
  • Pattern Pendulum I and II
  • Pattern Random

While a Pattern other than Off is selected you're also able to choose a Pattern Step Mode:

  • Mono: Step the pattern once for each Note On, every note gets a different Latch Button
  • Poly: Step the pattern so that each note of a chord will get the same Latch Button

If you're looking for a new way to process MIDI that enhances the possibilities of all your other Players, try AutoLatch today!



  • Fix for text being partially cutoff for Count and certain Latch modes on Mac
  • Updated shortcuts on back of device to be multi-OS



Released: 2020-03-31
Version: 1.0.1