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Optic Multi Channel Analyzer

Multi-Channel Analyzer

Static Cling

  • • Spectrum Analysis
  • • Oscilloscope
  • • Multi-Channel

Oscilloscope Mode, New in V1.2

The new Oscilloscope Mode adds another dimension of analysis to the device, visualizing the incoming audio signal/waveform. Onset detection locks the waveform in place for a consistent visual reference. Includes a Zoom and Normalization control, in addition to the working with all the global controls and multi-channel aspects of the device.

Under the hood improvements to the Frequency Analysis modes drastically reduces erroneous high frequency spiking that was present in previous versions,


Optic is a multi-channel spectrum analyzer (and oscilloscope) capable of analyzing up to 7 different stereo channels at once, displaying their frequency content side by side for comparative and creative purposes. With Optic you’ll get valuable insight into your mix that you can’t find anywhere else in the Rack Extension format.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible