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6 Channel Mixer

6ch Rack Mixer

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Compact mixer
  • • Build in compressor
  • • CV Control

6CH MIXER is a compact and rough little six channel mixer for the rack.

It has 6 mono channels, each with controls for Gain, 3 band Equalizer with adjustable mid frequency, Pan, Level, Mute/Solo and an aux Send with option of Pre or Post level.
When the input amps are gained they will dist in a gritty way - beware this mixer ain’t HI-FI!

The return has a multi mode VCF (high pass/band pass/low pass) with CV control for cutoff frequency for experimental dub effects.

6CH MIXER has a build in auto compressor that will compress relative to the input signal.

In folded view there is still access to the Gain knobs and master level, making it an ultra compact mixer.

6CH MIXER requires Reason 11.3.9 or newer for auto routing to work as intended.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible