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Multi Feedback Effect

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Delay, Dist, Filter & Reverb, LFO, Noise Generator
  • • Flexible routing, Feedback from any module
  • • Great FXs for creative sound design

Audio examples

OUROBOROS Multi Feedback Chaos Effect – Add atmosphere, texture, warmth, grit, or screaming mayhem to your tracks!

OUROBOROS consists of four sound effects, a noise generator and an LFO. Each effect module can be fed back to the input of the delay (be aware that feedback will self oscillate on higher settings!) and each module can be modulated by the LFO and has in and output jacks for optional routing or individual use. The feedback channel has filtering, auto compressor and limiter to colorize and tame the signal. Feedback ducking can be dialed in to keep levels under control, or do gently duck the incoming signal.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible