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Elementary Logic Gates

Pattern Generator

Robotic Bean AB

  • • Easily find interesting patterns using the LEDs
  • • Patterns can be derived from any CV signals
  • • Full automation and CV control

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Elementary is a pattern generator based on logic gates. It combines 3 input signals into 12 simultaneous patterns. Finding interesting patterns is dead easy since each gate has its own LED, both on the front and rear panels.

Use it standalone, or combine it with other sequencer devices such as Euclid Rhythm Generator to build your own modular sequencing monster!

Product details

Elementary consists of three tempo-synced pulse generators (or clocks) that pass through a chain of 12 logic gates. Each clock has its own on/off switch, rate and width knobs, and inversion controls. Each clock can also be replaced by an external CV signal, for example a pattern from a Euclid Rhythm Generator or another instance of Elementary.

Don't worry about understanding the boolean logic functions. All you have to do is watch the LEDs and connect interesting patterns to different inputs on Kong or Redrum. Or why not throw one of our Hand Clappers into the mix?

With full support for automation and CV modulation you can create endless variations. For even more control, you can use MIDI notes to trigger input signals, mute outputs, and even control the velocity of each individual output.


  • Dead easy to find interesting patterns thanks to the LEDs
  • 3 tempo-synced pulse generators (clocks) with global shuffle control
  • 12 chained logic gates
  • Separate outputs for all the clocks and logic gates
  • External CV inputs that override the clocks
  • Manual input triggers
  • Global enable/disable
  • CV modulation inputs for every knob
  • MIDI control over mutes, velocities and input triggers
  • Full support for automation and Remote
  • Auto Mute on Stop switch

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Released: 2016-10-28
Version: 1.0.1