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Compare CV Scope

Visual CV Processor

Robotic Bean AB

  • • Great visualization of your CV signals
  • • Shape and transform the signals
  • • Freeze and Zoom

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Compare is a fully featured 4 channel CV Oscilloscope, but it's also much more: It can reshape your signals and combine them in many different ways, all with real time visual feedback. Try it today, and you'll soon find that Compare is an essential part of your modular toolbox!

Product details

Compare shows you exactly what's going on with your CV signals, whether they are used for modulation, gates or pitch. You can view the signals side by side (lanes) or on top of each other (overlay). You can zoom and freeze the scope at all times, and toggle the visibility of each curve in the display.

There are individual scale, offset and mute controls for each channel, all with real time visual feedback in the scope, and with full automation support. Shape and tweak your signals exactly the way you want them!

Compare also provides you with four different combinations of the input signals: The minimum, maximum, sum and product. You can use these to combine basic waveforms into complex modulation sources.


  • 4 channel CV oscilloscope
  • Lanes and overlay views
  • Scale, offset and mute for each channel, with visual feedback
  • Full automation support for the channel controls
  • Zoom and freeze
  • Hide and show curves in the display
  • Min, Max, Sum and Product of all 4 signals
  • 8 simultaneous CV outputs (4 individual + 4 combinations)

Changes in 1.0.1

  • Bug fix

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User Guide



Released: 2018-01-05
Version: 1.0.1