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Polyphonic Patterns

Robotic Bean AB

  • • Polyphonic Step Sequencer
  • • Step and Real-time Recording
  • • Endless creative possibilities

Sequences is a polyphonic step sequencer in the Rack. With Sequences you can play your favourite instruments directly from the rack. Featuring 32 steps, 8 patterns and tons of tweakability, Sequences offers a completely new way of making music in Reason.

With support for both Step and Real-time recording, you easily get your pattern up and running the way you want to. Features like step timing handles, three different recording modes, and global scaling of velocity and note lengths, allows you to tweak your pattern in an instant. And with four different Playback Modes combined with Keyboard or CV Transpose, the creative possibilities are endless!

The latest 1.4 update adds per-note Conditions to add more variation to your patterns.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible