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Polyphonic Patterns

Robotic Bean AB

  • • Polyphonic Step Sequencer
  • • Step and Real-time Recording
  • • Endless creative possibilities

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Sequences is a polyphonic step sequencer in the Rack. With Sequences you can play your favourite instruments directly from the rack. Featuring 32 steps, 8 patterns and tons of tweakability, Sequences offers a completely new way of making music in Reason.

Product details

With support for both Step and Real-time recording, you easily get your pattern up and running the way you want to. Features like step timing handles, three different recording modes, and global scaling of velocity and note lengths, allows you to tweak your pattern in an instant. And with four different Playback Modes combined with Keyboard or CV Transpose, the creative possibilities are endless!

  • Step and Real-time Recording
  • 3 Recording modes: Overdub, Replace and Insert
  • 4 Playback Modes: Looped, 1-Shot, Gated, Stepped
  • 8 Patterns
  • 32 Steps per Pattern
  • Global controls for Velocity, Note Length, Rate, Slide, and Shuffle
  • Keyboard, CV and Manual Transpose with configurable Root key
  • Full note editing capabilities, including selecting, deleting and copying notes
  • Undo/Redo support while recording (in-display only)
  • Velocity and Octave Edit Lanes
  • Length lane with per-note length scaling and Mute and Tie buttons
  • Ratchet lane with per-note repeat count, velocity curve and pitch offset
  • 2 CV lanes with independently switchable Unipolar/Bipolar modes
  • Reset and Auto Reset for evolving patterns
  • Tools Menu: Reset Note Lengths, Notes Side By Side, Reverse, Duplicate, Fill, Crop
  • Combine with other Players for endless possibilities
  • Great automation and Remote support
  • CV inputs for Reset, Trig, Transpose, Velocity and Note Length Scaling
  • CV outputs for CV lanes 1 & 2, and the last Velocity value

Changes in 1.3:

  • Ratchet lane
  • Overlay button to quickly delete selected notes
  • Octave, length, mute, tie and ratchet properties are now stored for each note instead of each step
  • New Tools function: Fill, repeats the note selection or range until the edge of the display
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Changes in 1.3.1:

  • Bug Fix: Replacing the attached instrument while running would interrupt playback

Changes in 1.3.2:

  • Sequences now goes silent and displays a message when its sequencer track is muted

Check out our Sequences Quick Tips playlist on Youtube!


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Released: 2020-04-02
Version: 1.3.2