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Delta MIDI Computer

MIDI Swiss Army Knife

Static Cling

  • • Modification, Generation, Routing, Filtering
  • • Easy to Learn and Deeply Powerful
  • • Flexible Modular Workflow

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Delta MIDI Computer offers unparalleled control over your MIDI through a unique visual interface called a Flow Graph. Modify, Generate, Route and Filter your MIDI in any way you can imagine using its highly flexible and modular workflow.

Delta was designed with user friendliness in mind from day one and it supports a wide range of robust features such as intelligent Copy/Paste, an internal help system, a Mini Map, and more.

Check out the videos and the in depth manual to learn more!

Product details

Delta is a MIDI processor capable of a huge range of functionality from basic transpositions to advanced generative sequencing and everything in between.

Delta comes with over 200 patches and templates, scratching the surface on what the device is capable of and offering useful tools like Auto Strummers, Humanizers, Chord Progression Helpers, Melody Generators, and much more.

Delta's achieves all this through an intuitive visual programming model known as a Flow Graph. Flow Graphs are made up of Nodes, individual building blocks that can perform an array of essential and unique MIDI operations as MIDI passes through them

The follow Nodes come with Delta, with more to come in free updates:

  • Transpose
  • Transpose Random
  • Set Note
  • Quantize Note
  • Chord Generator
  • Offset Velocity
  • Offset Velocity Random
  • Set Velocity
  • Delay
  • Clock Divider (New in V1.1)
  • Sequential Switch
  • Chance Switch
  • If Switch
  • CV Output
  • Set Seed (For Seeded Randomization)

To learn more about what each of these Nodes can do, check out the Node Reference in the User Manual.

Already powerful on their own, the different Nodes can be combined and connected in an essentially infinite number of ways to achieve whatever MIDI FX you need.


  • Robust Flow Graph System for Manipulating MIDI
  • QoL-centric Interface
  • Node Editor with Reason-like controls
  • Pan-able Workspace for large Flow Graphs
  • Collapsible UI
  • Intelligent Copy/Paste
  • Internal Help System
  • Notification System
  • Mini Map for Navigation
  • Adjustable Grid with optional snap
  • Useful Hotkeys



  • New Node: Clock Divider
  • Huge Improvements to Wiring/Connecting interaction
  • Improved Hotkeys list on back of the device
  • Input and Output Nodes are now color coded green and red respectively on Mini Map
  • Improved Merger/Splitter Visual
  • Fix for awkward snap when dragging a Node larger than the grid size
  • Fix for Mac users having cutoff "Play Dry Event" parameter text for Delay Node
  • Added a few new patches and updated manual


Fix for long running delays gradually drifting out of time the longer they ran


User Manual



Released: 2019-08-21
Version: 1.1.0