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Delta MIDI Computer

MIDI Swiss Army Knife

Static Cling

  • • Modification, Generation, Routing, Filtering
  • • Easy to Learn and Deeply Powerful
  • • Flexible Modular Workflow

Delta’s biggest and most overdue update is finally here, V1.4!

The update adds another dimension of control to the device with newly added CV Inputs on the back of the device, and a new Node called the CV Switch. The update also brings requested features and new capabilities to a few of the existing Nodes. Read on to learn more!

There are 5 new CV Inputs, the first is used to trigger a Stop All, and the remaining 4 inputs are used by new and existing nodes:

The new CV Switch Node routes MIDI Events through up to 8 outputs in two ways:

  • Pattern: Outputs are selected from the usual set of predefined patterns and can be stepped through using CV triggers
  • CV Select: Chooses the output in realtime by mapping a Unipolar or Bipolar CV Signal to the selected number of outputs

The powerful If Node is also now able to use CV values from the 4 inputs in its comparisons.

The Delay Node is now able to do custom tempo synced timings. By providing a rhythmic numerator and denominator you can achieve a wide and flexible range of delay timings.

Finally, the Chord Generator Node now has a toggle called Separate Outs which gives each note in the chord its own separate output.


Delta MIDI Computer offers unparalleled control over your MIDI through a unique visual interface called a Flow Graph. Modify, Generate, Route and Filter your MIDI in any way you can imagine using its highly flexible and modular workflow.

Delta was designed with user friendliness in mind from day one and it supports a wide range of robust features such as intelligent Copy/Paste, an internal help system, a Mini Map, and more.

Check out the videos and the in depth manual to learn more!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible