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CV-I Audio to CV

External CV Inputs

Robotic Bean AB

  • • Control Reason devices from your modular via CV
  • • 8 channels of high quality conversion
  • • Name labels and activity LEDs for each channel

Video clips

CV-I features 8 channels of high quality audio to CV conversion. You can use CV-I to receive CV signals from a hardware modular system using a compatible audio interface, or from Reaktor VST via the additional audio outputs on its plugin device in Reason.

CV-I is included in the CV-I/O Bundle at a great discount!

Product details

  • 8 channels of audio to CV conversion
  • High quality downsampling from audio to CV rate
  • Each channel can be named for better overview, on both front and back
  • Bipolar signal visualization LEDs for each channel, on front, back and folded front

Please note:

  • Receiving CV signals from external hardware requires a compatible audio interface with DC-coupled inputs (see list here)
  • Not suitable for receiving pitch CV signals due to different standards


Cv-Io User Guide



Released: 2018-02-09
Version: 1.0.0