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PitchSonic BlueFace Pitch Tap Transposer

Pitch Transposer


  • • Oldschool transpose with deep feedback modulations
  • • Inspired by original, wider possibilities
  • • BLUEFACE legend Pitch Transpose FX from 1979

Audio examples

PitchSonic FX is inspired by the famous “Blueface” series Pitch Transpose rackmount effect from MXR™, produced at the end of the 70s.
PitchSonic Pitch Tap Transposer FX is an instrumental and vocal harmonies’ creator.
It has 4 presets which allow predetermination of the intervals to be processed. Transposed intervals can be set from an octave below to an octave above the original pitch. LED indicators display which of the four presets is active.
The display shows the transpose values as the harmonic interval (pitch ratio), or as a musical interval (in half steps).

PitchSonic transforms pitch glitches and noises into a subtle vibrato. The result is musical and creative. PitchSonic has addition controls on the rear panel for pitch modulation and Regen (feedback) time modulation. The original device had tiny limited value ranges for the pitch modulation and time modulation.
PitchSonic touches the same settings, but has a wider range of possibilities for the pitch and time delay modulations. This helps to open new possibilities in sound design while preserving the fundamental sound character of the original device.

This is not just a pitch-shift device with 4 individual channels. The Regeneration knob allows for the recirculation of processed signals, creating more notes, depending upon the selected interval. This results in multitudes of voices or instrumental chords. This opens a new range of sound effects and musical textures. At the largest value on the Regen knob, switching between the presets (1-4) can create deep modulations that can totally change your sound.
PitchSonic reproduces the transpose and modulation settings of the original hardware “Blueface” pro-series rackmount module from 1979.

Turn2on PitchSonic Pitch Tap Transposer fx Rack Extension is a modern take on the “BlueFace” Transposer. It retains the basic functionality and character of the original module with the addition of extra features.

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